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TAKOPI s.r.o

Smart Distribution


Established in 2007 TAKOPI s.r.o. is a group of entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in information technologies, commodity trading and business development services. To strengthen our market capabilities have built a unique sales and marketing team which providing services for our partners in the emerging markets such as Russian Federation, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Eastern Europe and Middle East. This makes us a strong player for cross industry business leaders in the region.


We aim to follow a policy of controlled-growth through selective expansion into areas we are proficient at. We will continue to grow existing businesses and diversify within the core competence of each business unit to ensure sound growth in the future. With the ability to move beyond traditional thinking and geographical boundaries, we are confident of achieving greater targets ahead.

Office in EU:

Nad Závěrkou 489/16
169 00 Praha 6

+38 050 469 47 41


Office in Ukraine:

Plekhanivs’ka St, 126, Kharkiv, 61000

+38 050 469 47 41


Office in Georgia:

V.Bochorishvili street 88/15, Tbilisi, 0171

+38 050 469 47 41


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